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    Opinião do desenvolvedor do vídeo Keeper sobre o futuro do bada.


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    Opinião do desenvolvedor do vídeo Keeper sobre o futuro do bada.

    Mensagem por lipefleming em Dom 01 Maio 2011, 5:21 pm

    Bada 2.0 confirmado só para S8500, S8530, e S578 (no futuro) até o momento.

    Thank you for your question, we have some good news and bad news for you.
    Good news first (everyone like good news):
    The API (or you call firmware) 2.0 is confirmed for S8500, S8530, S578 (future) until now. (S525,S575,S725 – no confirm).
    We have some signs of this API 2.0 from the beginning of April, we have an option to choose API 2.0 for our applications, and as usually, when the option available, the SDK will come after 2 months. It’s mean the end (or middle) of May we will have new SDK 2.0 (release to all partner or non-partner developers).
    And after that, The beginning of July (or the end of June), we will have fisrt release of 2.0 in some part of the world (may be Indian first – we don’t sure about this.). As usual – 1 month after SDK and 3 months after API available.
    The new SDK will have some new features and one of them is NFC api. We still have no signs that SDK 2.0 will run in Linux and Mac (not yet).
    We can say that, Bada SDK is one of the most easy-develop SDK we are playing with. It’s even easier than WinPhone 7 SDK and it has good doc API.
    The not good things is:
    The future of Bada? Hmm, I have been asked a lot of questions about this. We have developed for Bada users since The July of 2010. We can say that, the Bada is quite slowly improve. After the challenge of Samsung around the world, a lot of coding freelancers and company have heard about Bada, but they don’t change to develop for Bada, because:
    - The Bada and Bada users didn’t attract them enough to spend times and moneys to develop. (Lack of United States market, the biggest one in the world).
    - The time applications can be approved only after 10 days, and if the test team falied the application, they have to wait 10 days more. In Apple store we have to wait only 2-3 days, and in Android Market is less than 24 hours.
    - The payment method of Bada is sucks. Despite of large number of Wave devices have been sold, the users who can buy applications is limit because of payment method (even with P-SMS now, a lot of user still cannot buy paid applications all around the world).
    The future of Bada will be like the future or Symbian (Sorry to say that, but it’s true). Only one manufacture Samsung is not enough.
    We can see that the number of company develop for Bada is descreased. The big company have no time to develop Bada, the small company can’t see the benefits from Bada.
    We can give you some number to compare:
    Our best application: “vídeo Keeper” have only downloaded ~ 5.000 times after nearly 1 months (free). When set to paid application, it’s been bought ~10 times per day. (critical low compare with Android).
    When we set free and add ads to the application like “Vegan Recipes” and see how many Bada users will click ads. After 1 months, we just got 9 clicks (It’s really a joke). Compare with ~ 120 clicks/day of Android users.
    So, the future we can’t predict, but the trend of Bada will be like Symbian for sure. It cannot beat iOS, Android, or even WinPhone7 which is released just 6 months ago.
    Samsung must do something rather than promise. Hope they can.
    P/S:We have just received a link to download SDK 2.0a, we will soon test and feedbacks soon.

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    Re: Opinião do desenvolvedor do vídeo Keeper sobre o futuro do bada.

    Mensagem por jpcc em Dom 01 Maio 2011, 9:18 pm

    Sim, mais para o a linha 2g a versao e 2.0.1 nao 2.0
    sao diferentes as duas!

    Fernando Ferreira

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    Re: Opinião do desenvolvedor do vídeo Keeper sobre o futuro do bada.

    Mensagem por Fernando Ferreira em Seg 02 Maio 2011, 6:16 pm

    KKKK pra o nosso Wave 533, ta bem longe... acho que quando lancar os modelos de bada 1.2, vou comprar um celular ja adaptado, pois não vou ficar nen a pau esperando mais quase 1 ano pra sair a versão 2.0 para 533

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    Re: Opinião do desenvolvedor do vídeo Keeper sobre o futuro do bada.

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